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Attic fans are relatively easy to install.

dodano: 5 grudnia 2017 przez verticalbearing

   An alternative is to install an attic vent fan that is manufactured for roof mounting. This is where an attic vent fan comes into play. Just as your attic fan needs an open vent to pull fresh cooler air into the attic, there has to be a way for the hot air to escape from the space. Make sure that more or less opposite of your attic vent fan you have some type of vent to allow that escape, whether it be unobstructed ridge vents or even soffit vents (located under the eaves) that are not blocked with insulation.Any homeowner with an attic knows there are certain challenges to maintaining the space under the roof. With this type of fan, you would mount it as close to the peak of your roof as possible and as close to opposite the vents that will act as the avenues for the hot air to escape the space. The attic vent fan should be situated as an insert or at least near a vented area


  Attic fans can help keep down the temperature in your attic, as well as help prevent the mold and Plastic Outdoor Chairs mildew that often accompany areas with little to no air flow. In addition to making sure the area is properly ventilated, there is also the need to make sure air circulates around and out of the space. This works especially well if you have a shingled roof and have plastic roof ridge vents. If the existing wiring is up to code to support the power the fan will pull, the hardest part of the job is over. Attics are notorious for being the perfect place for mold, mildew, roof rot and other structural problems to occur. In order to allow for easy airflow out of the attic space, it is important to make sure you have sufficient venting. For suggestions of which type and size attic vent fan is right for your home, check out your options at your local home store. The idea is to create airflow from the outside that will be pulled in and distributed throughout the space by the blade action of the attic vent fan

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